Porada and Patrick Jouin

Patrick Jouin一直致力於在裝飾藝術中融入工業設計的創意;他與很多頂尖品牌合作完成了一些非常特別的項目;在國際設計界鮮少有人可以將安逸與力量的結合表現的如此張弛有度,進退自如,而Patrick便是其中之一; Patrick本人及其工作室獲得2009蓬皮杜中心專題展的高度讚揚;並於2011年贏得義大利工業設計協會的金羅盤獎。


The talented French designer Patrick Jouin created an amazing group of chairs, armchairs, tables and coffee tables which are presented in our Seventeen collection. The first stage of this fruitful meeting resulted in the prestigious project for the Eden hotel in Rome, where Porada and Patrick had a chance to put together their expertise with brilliant results.
Patrick Jouin is a designer whose creativity finds expression in industrial design for the decorative arts. Patrick has worked with top manufacturers on exceptional projects. He has found a place in the landscape of international design where only a few know how to evolve with both the ease and strength that he does. Patrick Jouin's career and his design agency, Patrick Jouin ID, were highly praised by a monographic exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in 2009. They were also honoured with the Compasso d'Oro in 2011. Many of his creations are in the permanent collections of museums worldwide, including the "Solid" collection at MOMA. Patrick Jouin is also involved in interior design projects with his partner Sanjit Manku, within the agency Jouin Manku founded in 2006.

Ella and Louis chair and armchair
Their elegant, simple lines and great comfort take their inspiration from American and Japanese traditions of solid wood furniture. Great attention is paid to details such as the form of the armrest. 


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