ELLE DECOR報導:放眼未來的設計革命 | 義大利porada實木供應鏈





Eco-sustainable design and wood: a couple that can work today and, in the future, to come. The most important brands in the world of design have been taking sides for years on the side of nature - pragmatically, without relying only on ideals. 







Among the companies that support the short wood supply chain is Porada , which stated that what it works with comes from certified forestsin accordance with principles and criteria of good forest management. With this in mind, the company has purchased, since 2011, forest areas in Burgundy (France) for a total of 220 hectares. "The last Porada forest has been subjected to careful cleaning and cutting procedures aimed at enhancing the existing natural heritage and redeveloping it thanks to the grafting of ash trees.






The Porada supply chain thus becomes shorter and shorter, allowing the direct use of wood. coming from the maintenance cuts imposed by the French authorities ". Even the manufacturing process, since 2012, has been investing in clean energy, through a photovoltaic system that fully caters for the company's electricity needs and which has allowed for an impressive saving in CO2 emissions.











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