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Summer dreams

TRIBÙ為義大利南部田園詩般的Masseria Antonio Augusto精品酒店提供不管從視覺上和享受上都令人放鬆的家具體驗。
TRIBÙ is providing the idyllic Masseria Antonio Augusto in South Italy with furniture that invites relaxation both visually and practically.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 2020/3/25

Masserie定義了普利亞(Puglia)大區的景觀,並反映了其動蕩的歷史。在過去的幾十年中,許多以前的農莊都變成了精品酒店,例如萊可仕鎮(Lecce)附近的萊韋拉諾(Leverano)地區的Masseria Antonio Augusto。比利時建築師Valerie van der Put接手了這座古老的農場並改造成浪漫的住宅:室內設計的重點是沙色調,像米色和白色、銀灰色和曜石黑等顏色。客人可以坐在寬敞的拱形天花板下(其中某些天花板是手工彩繪的),從窗戶欣賞花園的景色。van der Put說:“Masseria應該在歷史建築和現代簡約生活方式的奢華間找到平衡。”

Masserie define the landscape of the Puglia region and reflect its turbulent history. Over the past decades many of the former farmsteads were transformed into exclusive guesthouses – as was the case for Masseria Antonio Augusto in Leverano close to the town of Lecce. Belgian architect Valerie van der Put took on the old farm and converted it into a romantic looking residence: The emphasis of the interior design is on sand colors like beige and white, silver gray and anthracite. Guests can take a seat beneath the spacious vaulted ceilings some of which were artfully painted by hand and enjoy the view of the garden from the window. "The Masseria should offer a balance between historical architecture and the luxury of a contemporary, minimalist lifestyle," says van der Put.

舒適的坐墊,大大小小的桌子以及戶外躺椅區域,皆來自以戶外家具聞名的比利時Tribù家族公司。但是,事實上Tribù的家具不僅可以在室外空間使用,透過Monica Armani設計的“Nomad Poufs”和“Tosca Sofa”以及Piergiorgio Cazzaniga設計的“CTR Clubchair”證明了擺在室內大廳的座位區也非常適合。扶手椅和沙發被包裹在合成纖維和聚烯烴的針織外罩中,編織帶給人一種輕盈飄逸的感覺。較大的“T-Table”和邊几“Drops”組成了優雅的儲藏室。每張“T-Table”桌面都是獨一無二的釉面火山岩–由於天然石材的堅固性,客人可以直接把酒杯放在上面而不必擔心會弄髒。

The comfortable cushions, the large and small table and the reclining areas outdoors are by the Belgian family firm Tribù, which is known for its outdoor furniture. However, the fact that the collections by Tribù need not only be used in outdoor spaces is proven say by the “Nomad poufs” and the “Tosca sofa” by Monica Armani as well as the “CTR Clubchair” by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, which are arranged to form a seating group in the lobby area. There is a light, aery feel to the braiding of the armchairs and sofas, which is encased in a knitted cover of textilene und polyolefine. The larger “T-Table” and side table "Drops" make elegant depositaries. With a top of glazed lavastone every “T-Table” is a one-off – and thanks to the sturdiness of the natural stone guests can place their drink glasses on it without worrying about staining.

家具覆蓋物不僅可以防止髒汙,還可以防風和防雨,因此非常適合Masseria Antonio Augusto寬敞的spa區:Piergiorgio Cazzaniga設計的柚木“ Vis à Vis”躺椅非常適合在按摩淋浴後休息或沉浸在蒸汽浴室所提供的健康護理。每張躺椅都配有自己的小型實用桌子。在戶外游泳池暢遊一番後,最好在寬敞的“ Tosca”和“ Pavilion”沙發床上放鬆一下,看著閃閃發光的水。在設計四柱床風格的“Pavilion”沙發床時,Monica Armani不僅想到了防紫外線的墊子,還想到了可移動的Sunvision布簾,這種布簾可過濾陽光但又不會完全排除陽光。對於那些喜歡一個人呆在游泳池旁的人來說,Studio Segers設計的“Kos Lounger”是一個絕佳的選擇。柚木的 “Vis à Vis dining table”和Wim Segers設計的“Mood armchairs”構成在舒適庭院內晚餐的合適組合。您只需看看綠廊之下的合奏,就可開始夢想愉快的夏日長夜。

The fact that the furniture coverings are not only ideally protected against stain but also the influences of wind and rain makes them an ideal choice for the spacious spa area of masseria Antonio Augusto: The teak “Vis à Vis” loungers by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga are perfect for resting on after a massage shower or indulging in one of the wellness applications offered in the Turkish bath. Each lounger comes with its own small, practical table. And after a refreshing dip in the outdoor pool where better to relax and look at the glittering water than on one of the roomy "Tosca" and "Pavilion" daybeds. In designing the "Pavilion" daybed in four-poster bed style, Monica Armani not only thought of UV-resistant cushions, but also for movable Sunvision cloth curtains that filter the sunlight without excluding it entirely. For those that prefer to remain alone and be close up to the pool the “Kos Lounger" by Studio Segers makes an excellent choice. And “Vis à Vis dining table” in teak and "Mood armchairs" by Wim Segers form a fitting combination for evening supper in the cozy courtyard. You only need to look at the ensemble beneath the green pergola to start dreaming of delightful long summer evenings.