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「美學」是我們所有人類,感受一個物件、或是透過感官體驗所得到的愉悅。築硯集團係由創始人James Liang於2009年成立於台灣,不過生活美學對James的呼喚,早在他求學時期便深植於心中,一直以來James的夢想便是讓和他一樣對設計、對居家有熱情的人,能在同一個舞台裡向夢想尋去。因而,築硯誕生了!「築」即為建築之意,築硯意圖從0到1建構起生活的本質;「硯」字則蘊含著James的人文思維,因為在前往美好生活的路上,心靈的風景才更值得追求。

「我們總渴望透過旅行沉澱情緒,找到心靈的他鄉,卻沒有想過當你遵照自身真切的選擇,對生活投注關愛,你的家就是有風景的空間。」築硯集團創始人 James Liang 期望透過對藝術追求不懈的熱情,以築硯為發聲媒介,引領人們啟發自身的美學素養,回到生活的本質,一種愛的映現。築硯以具洞見的美學涵養融貫而成生活哲學,透過代理世界聞名歐洲奢侈品家居品牌,為卓越成就的品味人士提供一個嶄新的生活方式與昇華質感的精神享受。目前擁有多個歐洲奢侈品家居品牌,提供全方位的家居生活提案,至今在台灣有眾多客戶,受到社會名流和頂級富豪的鍾愛。



.義大利 porada 高級定製 Haute Couture


.頂級國際酒店、精品旅店、頂尖遊艇公司、高端建設公司 、時尚奢侈品牌合作

The story of Juyan Group
Aesthetic Intelligence is about creating delight, lifting the human spirit, and rousing the imagination through sensorial experiences.」Juyan Group was established in 2009 in Taiwan by James Liang. The idea of “living aesthetics” has been imprinted in his mind since he was a student. James always dreams about one day can work with those who have same passion in design and home fashion. Then, Juyan was established. In Chinese, “JU” means architecture, and we would like to tell people that Juyan is able to construct your life style from none to everything. "YAN" represents James’s basic idea. The wealth of the soul is better than the essence.
Management ideas
“People always desire putting mind and soul at ease by traveling. However, you also could find glamorous views in your home when you look your mind carefully”. The founder of Juyan Group, James Liang, expects to inspire people’s culture of “AESTHETICS” by his endless passion for art. When you return to life itself, love is founded.
Juyan Group dedicates to bringing the aesthetics to your life. Being a distributor of worldwide famous furniture, we offer high-taste people a new life way and keep raising the enjoyment in spirit part
Juyan already possessed many European brand of luxury furniture, and we are able to give you an all-round life program. Until now, we already had many of our customers and fans. We are also famous by celebrities and regal.
Service Item

.Import distributor and dealer of European luxury furniture, natural handmade beds and drinking water

.Designated European marine drinking water by world-class sports stars and elite athletes

.Haute Couture from porada in Italy

.Warranty of original manufacture and annual maintenance

.Cooperation with top international chain hotels, boutique hotels, luxury yachts, mansion construction companies, luxuries brands